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Operation integrity is our key driver. Precision employs this framework in its daily operations at all levels of the organization. 

Our Mission

Quality Policy

The mission of Precision Machinery Contractors is to provide best-in-class service for the life cycle of our client’s rotating equipment with excellence in safety, quality, and efficiency. This is achieved by employing an elite team and providing them with premiere tooling, clear, practical, and up-to-date safety and quality systems, standard operating procedures, and continuous training.


Our commitment to quality means:


  • Every Precision Machinery Contractors, LLC employee is responsible for fully implementing and complying with all provisions of the Precision Machinery Contractors, LLC quality system.


  • Our quality standards meet or exceed all applicable industry standards, and manufacturer specifications as well as our customer’s contracts and individual requirements.


  • We stand behind our work. We inspect every work task to assure conformance to the project requirements. Should problems be found, we correct them.


  • We are always improving. All employees receive regular training to make systematic improvements to remove quality risks and enhance risks and enhance quality performance.



We conduct our work with dignity and respect for the customer, our subcontractor and supplier partners, and ourselves.


Compliance Procedures

The use of pre-task checklists, which are displayed on our walls, incorporated into badges, and placed on clipboards, improves Precision's quality control and workforce productivity.

Pre-task checklists provide clear instructions and procedures which break down all the major tasks into smaller, more manageable steps to accomplish assigned tasks and identify safety hazards.


Having a better understanding of the process gives us greater confidence in delegating and allows us to ramp up efficiency.


An Overview How This Works

Executive leadership at Precision assigns a Project Manager to develop a quality plan specification aligning project requirements with customer specifications, regulations, industry standards, and product instructions.

Precision Project Managers oversee and evaluate the competence of personnel, subcontractors, suppliers, and materials during the course of managing a project.
Throughout the quality plan, it specifies how to carry out inspections and tests to ensure that quality is controlled and project specifications are met. All project personnel are trained on their responsibilities and expectations. 

Documents and records are created, maintained, and controlled according to standard operating procedures throughout the project. A Project Manager conducts

on-site quality audits in order to ensure Precision's Quality System is functioning properly. In the event of a nonconformance, the Quality Plan is systematically controlled, corrected, and preventative improvements

are made to eliminate recurrences in the future.

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